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Building Leaders of Faith To Transform the Workplace.

Develop your calling, ditch worldly leadership. Become the radiant powerhouse of salt and light you were created to be.

Take a seat and transform your leadership in 7 weeks or less!

For a personalised consultation, contact a member of of Programme Advising Team. 

 When Faith Is Ignited

At the Christian Management Academy, we work with Christian women who are leaders in the workplace, community leaders and entrepreneurs who hold a vision to transform their workplace or business by bringing Christ into all they do confidently and professionally. 

No more feeling exhausted by servant leadership. No more waiting for your calling to be made clear. We help you discard the confines of worldly leadership to discover Christ centred and faith driven leadership. We help you understand, define and embrace your unique calling from God Biblically. We equip you with Biblical leadership skills that reflect and actively demonstrate Christ's love and service with professional skills that match. 

Our mission is to position you for innovation, influence and impact as you transform your workplace or business with Christian values and principles. Our missionis to position you within your calling to be the salt and light you were created to be

You'll be part of a world-wide community supporting you to bring your faith past the office door and 
into the world, elevating you as a beacon of hope and inspiration.  Our ground breaking courses and support programmes bring Christian leadership to life like no other course.  Our courses help you to discover the freedom and excitement of being the salt and light of the world and find peace and comfort in your calling.  

The world needs the truth and hope of Christian leaders more than ever. Stop waiting for your calling to arrive. The time to step into it is now! 
 Book a FREE, no obligation strategy call to identify the next steps required to bring your vision of 
transformation in your workplace or business into reality.

Become the Leader You Were Born To Be

Advanced Certificate in Management and Leadership

Join a groundbreaking leadership course that unleashes your potential and ignites your faith. In 7 weeks or less transform your leadership style and position yourself to transform your workplace, business or industry as a faith driven leader. 

A coaching AND professional development programme - you will earn an Advanced Certificate in Management and Leadership to add to your CV. 

Are you ready to discard worldly leadership styles and transform yourself into the powerhouse of salt and light you were created to be?  

Are you ready to be transformed?
 Speak with one of our Programme Advisers to explore our programmes and discover your journey to transformation from worldly leadership to be the salt and light of the world.

Ready to move from leader to influencer?

Develop a signature Knowledge PortfolioTM and discover how to position yourself as a influencer within your organisation or industry. 

 Our Signature Faithful Horizons programme elevates you to plan and position yourself to innovate and create impact in your business, industry or organisation.  Invest in your professional development and receive an Advanced  Certificate Contemporary Leadership by Influence.  

Ready to lead & build Kingdom culture?

Shape your idea or concept into a project for delivery in the community, an organisation, business, industry or elsewhere. 

Position yourself for maximum impact and a global view for change and transformation focused on your calling as salt and light of the world. Invest in your professional development and receive a Certificate in Kingdom Culture Project Mastermind. 

   Transform your workplace as the salt and light you were created to be      

Prayer Habit Builder & Daily Devotional

Perfect for busy leaders and managers.  365 days of workplace focused scripture, prayer points, reflections, PLUS action points for you to bring Christ into the workplace professionally. Proven to reduce stress more than mindfulness for Christian managers! 

A powerful addition to your workday and leadership tool kit. Download the app. Establish the habit of prayer as part of your daily workplace routine. 

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The Christian Manager - Blog

More than ever, the world needs you!

Over the past seven years, reading and following the developments, trends and directions of business and politics in the western world, increasingly, I am left with just one question.....

"A totally unique programme that strips back the layers of worldly management, thinking and habits. I now have an unshakable foundation of faith and strong understanding of how to truly lead like Christ. Total eye-opener on my leadership." 

Supervisor & Service Manager

"My calling & gifts are so much clearer as is my understanding of how to use these within my workplace. I now can see the extensive opportunities I have to bring Christ and Biblical truth into my business and offer something truly unique. Thank you."

Financial Planner

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