The Essentials of Christian Leadership - Faithful Futures Programme

Christ Centred Leadership for the Real World


You Were Created to Shine

You feel the calling. You know you're meant to be a beacon of integrity and purpose at work.
Yet somewhere between the Sunday pew and the Monday morning grind your faith gets lost and ends up discarded at the office front door like a stylish, but unfashionable coat. Truth, information and sometime reason itself seem to have been redefined beyond recognition. The workplace has darkened, which means your light is needed now, more than ever.  

Many Christian women who are leaders want to make a lasting impact in their workplace, business or community but feel completely immobilised by the exhaustion of servant leadership, the gap between their faith and professional work, the squeeze of social expectations and church teachings about women and leadership and what seems like a never ending wait for their true calling. 

The Disconnect is REAL. Is This You?

  • You want to uplift your workplace or your business with Christian values but feel awkward and grapple with how to put your faith first professionally in the business landscape.
  • Servant leadership has turned into constant burnout, leaving you feeling exhausted, overworked, unseen or under-appreciated.
  • You want to make an impact but feel you are still waiting on your calling.   
  •  As a woman you feel stifled and squashed by limitations, especially societal expectations or church teachings - that are holding back your full leadership potential.

You Are Not Alone. What If  You Could...

  • Have greater clarity about your calling, gifts and talents and how to align these with your work, business or other opportunities, professionally.
  • Move beyond servant leadership to a Christ-centred approach that elevates your team performance and develops your confidence.
  •  Gain confidence and peace as the strong woman God created you to be.
  •  Become the salt and light of your organisation or business and create a lasting impact or legacy.
  • Build your team as a powerhouse of Kingdom culture.


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Become a powerhouse of innovation, change and impact

Explore the Programme

The perfect starting point on your leadership journey. We examine your calling from a Biblical perspective and consider your gifts and talents and how these work together to position you as the salt and light where you are placed in the world. 

Few women understand the fullness of being a woman, including how to make sense of our often conflicting roles, the question of leadership in the Church and how to navigate all this in the workplace, at home and at Church. We dip our toe into some of the more challenging aspects of women and leadership and examine Biblically how to build confidence in being a woman of God. 

Take a deep dive into the history of leadership, leadership styles and how leadership operates within organisations. You will also examine leadership in the context of your organisation and your team mission, vision and goals before determining your own leadership approach. 

Key Biblical leaders and their leadership roles are explored in this module and we examine key aspects of Biblical leadership. Explore the critical differences between Christian and worldly views of leadership, linked to your calling. Plus, we introduce Christ's approach to leadership. 

From the perspective of the team performance cycle and generational mindsets we look at how to apply Christ's approach to leadership and identify strategies you can use to develop your own team to improve performance, innovate and have impact in key areas of your operations/organisation or business. 

This module is jam packed with practical ways to improve your own performance as a leader on a day to day basis. Following Christ's leadership approach and your calling, we examine 7 key areas that will elevate your performance and success.

This module is carefully designed to assist you in planning your next steps. We give you the framework to identify how you will move forward to innovate, create impact or improve performance or perhaps something even bigger! 

So much more than coaching! Check out what else you get.

 Weekly 'live' coaching sessions in the Leaders Lounge. Here you get questions answered, network and share insights and issues, build confidence through shared encouragement and support.  Led by your coach in a completely private group setting. Online content and resources focused on carefully designed activities to put what you've learnt into practice. A mobile app so you can remain discreet and private in your learning. All this and more to support your transformation from worldly leadership to a Christ-centred approach.  

Online Content

Six Modules of learning with practical activities PLUS a Bonus Module to take your next steps forward.

Plus, earn a Certificate in The Essentials of Christian Leadership on completion to add to your CV.


Carefully crafted activites designed to bring your learning directly into the workplace in easy and practical ways.

Explore new approaches with the opportunity for weekly feedback and coaching.

Mobile App

Take your coaching programme into your workplace with our app.

Schedule learning and complete activities around your work day.

Submit a prayer or support request as you need it.

Leaders lounge

You get weekly group support in the 'live' Leaders Lounge to keep you on track and encouraged.

A vibrant private community for prayer requests, ideas collaboration and networking. A growing community of like minded women!

In 7 Dynamic Weeks You Can Transform Your Leadership Style

  • Understand your calling and how to use this in your workplace, business, church or community
  • Shift from burnout and overwhelm to position yourself as a powerhouse of innovation, change and impact.
  • Remove layers of limitations from your leadership identity and ideals to discover the freedom of a Christ-centred approach
  • Discover how you can build Kingdom culture in your workplace, business or community professionally.