A Minute With God™

365 Daily Devotions for the workplace. Build the powerful habit of prayer in the workplace. Plus, focused support for habit building.

Revitalise Your Workday: Where Faith Meets Your Busy Life!

Take a breather from the daily grind and savor a moment of spiritual refreshment with 'A Minute With GodTM.' 
Picture this: you, your favourite cuppa, and a tranquil pause to invite God into the hustle and bustle of your day. This isn't just another routine – it's your personal journey to infuse every workday with prayer, faith, and purpose. Imagine leading meetings with newfound clarity, making decisions rooted in wisdom, and facing challenges with unwavering resolve, all because you've embraced 'A Minute With GodTM' as your daily habit. Kickstart your mornings with a quiet moment of reflection, grounding yourself in God's truth before diving into the demands of your professional life. It's not just about checking off tasks – it's about cultivating a mindset of faith and resilience that transforms every aspect of your work and beyond.

And the best part? This transformation is more accessible than ever. At around 40p per day, you'll unlock a year-long journey designed to empower you to live out your faith in the workplace like never before. But don't just take our word for it – join a community of like-minded women who've already experienced the life-changing impact of 'A Minute With GodTM.' 

Sign up today and embark on a journey filled with purpose, passion, and the unwavering presence of Christ in every aspect of your professional journey. 

Ready to bring a fresh dose of spirituality into your busy work life? Discover 'A Minute With GodTM' and transform your days, one minute at a time."

Why a Daily Devotional Can Be More Powerful Than Mindfulness

As Christian managers, we juggle demanding workloads and relentless pressure. A 2023 CIPD report1, found a staggering 74% of UK employees report feeling stressed at work. Many turn to mindfulness practices for stress reduction, but for Christians, a more powerful tool exists.

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365 Days of Work Focused Scripture, Prayer Points and Action

A powerful combination of focused daily devotionals, prayer points, reminders and action points that not only brings the discipline of prayer into your workplace but also supports you to transform your own performance as a leader and manager. 

A Powerful Business Tool

Download the app and bring A Minute With GodTM straight to work! 

Take Action

Simple but powerful ideas for you to put Scripture into action in the workplace. 

365 Days +

365 days of Scripture, reflection points, prayer points and action steps. This is no ordinary Daily Devotional!

Private Community

Join our private community InspireHerTM  - share prayer requests, encouragement and inspiration. All on our own platform.

Are you ready to bring Christ into your everyday work day?

A year of workplace focused devotions PLUS powerful habit building tools. Get started NOW!

A Minute With GodTM.      

Proven to help reduce workplace related stress.
A powerful tool to add to your leaderships toolkit.
Build the habit of prayer in your daily routine.
Bring Christ into the workplace professionally.

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  • 365 Daily Devotions
  • Reflections & Prayer Points
  • Habit building tools
  • Private support community

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